Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding Dress Trends

Read the latest wedding dress trends by wedding dress designer Ladybird here. Will it be lace, with sleeves, airy or will the princess wedding dress look remain.

Are you a “bride to be” who will soon be getting married? Then now is the time to start the search for your dream wedding dress. Of course every bride is looking for her own unique wedding dress, but what are the current bridal fashion trends. Will it be a transparent wedding dress, Bohemian wedding dress or do you opt for the glitter & glamor look?

Wedding dresses with lace, lace and even more lace!

An ongoing trend among brides and designers. Lace enhances any material, turns a simple dress with applications into a special something and can make colour a theme.

Ladybird Lace


Ladybird lace

CARRI dress

Light & Airy Wedding Dresses

An instagrammable barn wedding wouldn`t be complete without a bride dancing until the morning hours in a light and airy dress. Flowy materials that dance around the body are the material of choice for brides looking for a romantic look.

Ladybird Bohemian




Princesses wedding dresses for the princess of the day

Wedding venues around the world would lose their special appeal if you didn’t see a glamorous bride in a gorgeous princess wedding dress in the grand scheme of things. 

Ladybird Princess


Ladybird Princess

ADAG dress

Wedding dresses with sleeves

Ever since Duchess Kate walked down the aisle with long lace sleeves this trend has entered the world of bridal fashion. Discover also other types of sleeves.

Ladybird Long Sleeve

ANEZKA dress

Ladybird Long Sleeve


Have you found your perfect fit for your dream wedding dress? Then quickly make an appointment at one ofLadybird resellers.

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