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What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on the user's computer or mobile device on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and which contain certain information about the visit you make to the Website. The cookie is downloaded by the device you use to access the website and is stored on that device's hard drive. In this policy, we use the word cookies to refer to all files that store information in this way regardless of the technology used at any given time (cookie, pixel, or any other information storage mechanism on the user's device).

Cookies can have different uses: from saving your language preference to ensuring that you receive the correct content from the site, to analyzing your use of the site, or showing you advertising, even generating a user profile based on your browsing, use of the site or interests. Under no circumstances will cookies damage your device.

However, if you wish, you can disable and/or delete the cookies used on the website by following the instructions of your Internet browser (we explain how to do this in this cookie policy).

In any case, please note that there are technical cookies whose installation is necessary, and therefore do not require your consent, as their purpose is to ensure that the page loads correctly, or that we show it in your language. In addition, if you opt out of the installation of certain cookies, it may affect your ability to use certain web features, which may be significantly impaired and not compatible with your needs.

You can find more information about cookies at: or


Does the website use cookies?

The Website uses cookies. Below, we explain what kind of cookies we use and how you can disable them if you do not want to allow their use.


What type of cookies does the Website use?

Cookies can be divided into several categories according to different criteria, for example, according to their purpose, their duration or the company that manages them. Here we describe the cookies that the Website uses according to the different criteria usually used to identify them:

According to the company that manages the cookies:

Session cookies gather data while the user is browsing. Different session cookies serve different purposes:


  • First-party cookies

    Cookies are sent to your device from our own computers or domains and are used to provide the service you request.
  • Third-party cookies

    These are the cookies that are sent to your device from a computer or domain that is not managed by Pronovias, but by another collaborating entity.

According to its purpose:


  • Technical cookies

    These are technical cookies that are essential or necessary for the navigation and the correct functioning of the Website. The technical cookies that the Website employs are used, for example, to control the initiation and maintenance of the session, to confirm that the user has correctly accessed the Website and to keep track of users who have given their consent by accepting the Website's cookie policy.
  • Personalization cookies

    These are cookies that allow Users to access the services according to the selections made or the characteristics determined in their user profile (such as: language, country selected, etc.). As a result of these cookies it is possible to offer a simpler and more personalized navigation to Users, avoiding the repetition of some processes or preference selections.
  • Analytics cookies

    These are cookies that analyze the User's navigation on the Website and carry out measurements and statistical analysis of their navigation on the Website and the use they make of it.

    The analytical cookies used by the Website have, for example, the following purposes:

    • differentiate between users and sessions;
    • obtain information on user access to the Website by distinguishing users and sessions;
    • determine if the user sets up a new session or visit;
    • to carry out the visit attribution, in other words, it stores the origin of the traffic explaining how the user has arrived at the Web;
    • collect information about visitors' use of the site.

 The applications used to obtain this information are as follows:


Google Analytics Google

Google Tag Manager Google 
Facebook Pixel Facebook 

  • Advertising cookies

    These are advertising cookies that track Users' activity on the Internet, in order to show them only ads related to the Pronovias brand, even on websites owned by third parties and which manage their own advertising spaces. 

    In addition to allowing us to display advertising both on our website and on third party sites, they also allow us to measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns, providing information of users' interest, and to offer advertising content in accordance with their preferences.

    They also allow us to limit the amount of advertising exposure we deliver to each user. 


DoubleClick Digital Marketing DoubleClick
Facebook ads Facebook
Facebook Pixel Facebook 



According to their duration:


  • Session cookies

    These are cookies that are temporary in nature and collect and store information only for as long as you are surfing the Website, which means from the time you access the page or application until you leave it.

  • Persistent cookies

    These are cookies in which the data is still stored on the user's terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie and which can vary from one cookie to another. 

    If you do not delete your persistent cookie, it will expire on its own, i.e. it will stop working, on its default expiry date. 


How can I activate or desactivate cookies?

Before accepting the installation of Cookies, you can access our Cookies Configurator, where you can select those you do not want us to install (remember that technical cookies are obligatory). If you do not access the Cookie Configurator or the Cookie Policy, and you continue to browse the site, we understand that you accept the installation of all of them.

You can also change your browser preferences to limit the access of certain cookies to your computer or mobile device, avoiding by default the installation of some or all cookies (this option may affect your overall Internet browsing). 

You can find more information in the table below, or, if a link does not work or you use an unlisted browser, in your browser's "Help" menu: 


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari 8 (Yosemite)
Apple Safari 9 (El Capitan) and later
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox cookies


The above links can be updated by the companies that develop these browsers. Pronovias will make every reasonable effort to keep the above list duly updated. 

If you wish to have more control over the installation of Cookies, you can install programs or plug-ins to your browser, known as "Do Not Track" tools, which will allow you to choose which Cookies you wish to allow.


How can I opt out the installation of third-party Cookies?

When you visit our website for the first time, we will offer you the possibility to configure which Cookies you want to install. You may opt out of the installation of any category of Cookies, except for technical ones, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. 

Likewise, as indicated in the previous section, the User may, at any time, reject the installation of a certain type of cookie, such as advertising and third-party cookies, by configuring the browser itself. 

If you have accepted the installation of a specific category of Cookies through the initial configuration screen and later wish to opt out of their installation or maintenance, you must delete the Cookies already installed through the browser's configuration, and reconfigure those that are allowed to be installed.

Also, some of our suppliers have a built-in system to opt out of the installation of their Cookies. Below, you will find a list of suppliers and links (some of them may not be in English, although you will easily find the "opt-out" button to reject them):


Facebook ads
Google Analytics


Please note that if you delete cookies from your browser at any time, your opt-out preferences from previous providers may be deleted and you will need to opt-out again.


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