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It is important you read this General Privacy Policy carefully before browsing the website. Ladybird is a company committed to the privacy of its users and customers and for this reason provides this General Privacy Policy. It contains information on the personal data we gather from users, the way in which we process this data, the purposes of the processing, your obligations as a customer, how to contact us and what to do to exercise your rights.

The purpose of this General Privacy Policy is to explain how Ladybird processes different personal data for different purposes. It should not however be considered exhaustive as it is supplemented by information made available to the customer in the various data gathering forms or interactions between Ladybird and the User.



Personal data supplied by the User or Customer will be processed by:

The company Lady Bird BV. (hereinafter referred to as Ladybird) established under Dutch law, with registered office at Bestevaer 44A, 1271 XZ Huizen, registered in Chambre of Commerce nr 32064655 informs you that it is the owner of the website  (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Hence Ladybird is the controller of the Website.

Ladybird is a part of the international corporate group Pronovias Group, which includes all companies affiliated under the “Pronovias” brand, and which may be consulted at any time in Pronovias Group companies.

And as will be set out in the course of this General Privacy Policy, some of our Pronovias stores spread throughout the world and managed in each case by the local company of the Pronovias Group may gather data for us or use it to provide a better service.

Accessing the Website, using any channel of communications with us are some of the ways to acquire the status of User or Customer (hereinafter the Customer). This General Privacy Policy constitutes, together with the Conditions of use, the General Conditions of Purchase and the Cookies Policy, and any Specific Privacy Policies included in the data gathering forms, the set of rules governing use of the Website and the relation between Ladybird and the Customer.

This General Privacy Policy is available in the languages available in the Website for you to consult, archive or print any time you wish.



Ladybird may gather a wide variety of information from Customers in relation to the purposes set out, on a non-exhaustive basis, in this General Privacy Policy. And as we have already indicated all forms or forms of interaction with the Customer in which personal data is gathered will provide information by way of the appropriate specific Privacy Policy. Apart from cookies and other web analysis technology, or comments made by our customers in the blog or in our pages on social networks or other sites on the Internet, Ladybird may gather personal data and information from Customers by way of the following channels, forms or routes of the Website:

  • Newsletter registration form.
  • Participation in competitions, draws or promotions.
  • Participation in web surveys or satisfaction surveys.
  • Processing of data in third party applications.
  • Social media interactions, including requesting permission to use your content and interactions for our Photoslurp promotion.
  • Providing us with pictures and information about your wedding via our website Real Brides’ photographs and wedding information page.

Our website also provides spaces for requesting information on our business partners, and the possibility of job seekers entering staff selection processes both for offices and stores.

For these reasons we set out below the type of information we may gather at different times:


  • Personal and contact information.

    We gather, store and process all personal information and contact details you supply us with when you log on to the Website, or when you contact Ladybird for any reason.

    The personal and contact data we gather is that requested in the various contact, registration or user profile forms, etc. such as, for example, full name, address, address for deliveries, telephone numbers, email, date of event, etc. or any data Ladybird requests in order to attend to and process any consultation or request you make of us.

    • Information on your devices and the use you make of the Website.

      We gather, store and process information on the devices from which you access the Website (e.g. whether it is a mobile telephone or a pc, the operating system of the device you use to access the Website, your IP address, etc.) and on the Internet browser you use for this.

      We also gather, store and process information on the use you make of the Website such as, for example, how you have reached the Website, which levels or sections of the Website you visit, what processes you have initiated and in what phase you have abandoned them, which websites you browse when you leave the Website, etc.

      Generally we obtain this information by using Cookies, and its being processed will depend on whether you have accepted these. Further information is available in the Cookies Policy
    • Information on your interaction with Ladybird and your preferences.

      For us it is very important to know our Customers as it is in this way we can improve offering you products and services increasingly in line with your needs and preferences, improve our services and update or alter the Website. You will find further information on the profiles we prepare, based on all of this information, in the following section.

      For this, and to process and handle any request or interaction you have with Ladybird, we gather, store and process all information on your likes and preferences you provide on interacting with us. For example we will keep relevant information in telephone contacts, on using the Website, on booking an appointment, filling in the registration form in the Website, your adding our products to “My favourites”, taking part in surveys in the website or satisfaction surveys, choosing a language of preference, using customer service or chat online, which you agree to being processed for the purposes indicated at the time.

      As a general rule the fields to be completed in the data gathering forms contained in the Website; answering the questions in any surveys you take part in; or completing your Customer profile, are voluntary. However in some cases there may be compulsory data (for example, an email address if you agree to receive commercial mailings in this way) in which case you will be duly informed. Fields included in the forms and marked with an asterisk (*) are strictly necessary for dealing with your request, the inclusion of the other data being voluntary.

      We also gather information which you publish and /or supply when you interact with Ladybird outside the Website, for example in the blog or when you visit one of our stores, when you contact us by way of Telephone Customer Service or send us an email or letter. We may also process the information you publish or provide when you interact with platforms, forums, social networks, applications or websites in which Ladybird has a presence (hereinafter “Forums and Social networks”). In this respect we inform you that, without prejudice to the respective policies and conditions of use and registration of these Forums and Social networks, when you interact with Ladybird using these channels you authorise us to process the information you publish and/or provide for the compatible purposes indicated in each case, such as processing a claim or handling an enquiry or request.

      Likewise in cases in which it is possible for the Customer to register or access the Website by way of a user account in a Forum or Social network, by using this option you authorise Ladybird to gather and process information accessible in the user account of the Forum or Social network. These options are already configured by the Forums and Social Networks themselves and are offered as a service both to their users and to third parties to facilitate registration or access without the user having to enter his or her data or credentials. The data is transferred from the Forum or Social Network for the purposes referred to at the time and in accordance with the rules applicable in the Forum or Social Network, and respecting at all times the configuration the user has determined in them. We will keep you duly informed of the information we gather from Forums and Social Networks at the time of the request for data.

In some cases we may need to know your location when you use the Website. Where Ladybird wishes to know your location we will ask for your consent in advance, particularly if you have not activated the tracking function in the device from which you access the Website.

At Ladybird we are always trying to improve our services, and hence the personal data and information we ask for may vary over time. We confirm however that the personal data on Customers that we compile will be stored and processed by Ladybird respectively and will be used solely for the purposes referred to in this General Privacy Policy and specifically in the Privacy Policy made available to the user in each of the forms.

  • Images and social media profile information

In an effort to engage with our customers, we are using a third party processor, Photoslurp, to alert us to images on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, where Ladybird is tagged or the word or hashtag “#Ladybird” is used. When we would like to use your image on our website or re-post it on one of our social media profiles, we will comment on your image and ask for your consent to do so and process your data as described in this privacy policy. If you consent, we may process the relevant image/content, as well as your name and social media username. You can find the terms and conditions for this here. Should there be other people in your image, we require that you ask them for consent in line with this policy and those terms before agreeing to our request.


  • ‘Real Brides’ photographs and wedding information

We have created a page on our website where our customers can upload photographs from their wedding and tell us the story behind their relationship and wedding by completing a number of fields and Ladybird may then choose to publish the photographs and information you provide us with. None of these fields are mandatory and no customers is in any way obliged to provide us with this information. Should you wish to, we will ask for your consent to process the data you have provided us with. If you provide us with any personal data that is related to someone else, we ask that you request permission and seek consent from them first. For example, your partner’s name or wedding photographer’s name. You can find the terms and conditions for this promotion here. Should there be other people in your image, we require that you ask them for consent in line with this policy and those terms before agreeing to our request.

You may withdraw your consent to the publication of your picture and processing of your information on your wedding at any time simply by sending an email to the email address, or by postal mail addressed to PRONOVIAS, Calle Om, 16, Polígono Industrial Mas Mateu, s/n, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), attaching in either case a copy of your personal identity documentation or passport and indicating "Ref. Data Protection" as reference on the envelope (in case of opting for postal mail) or in the subject line (if you opt for email), stating that you wish to revoke your consent to the publication of your picture and processing of your information on your wedding.

  • Information on business partners.

    Our website contains various spaces for communication for our business partners, / specialized bridal stores selling the Ladybird brand. If these channels gather data they will include their own privacy policy.



At Ladybird we will process the data you supply us with in order to send you commercial mailings where we have obtained your prior consent for this. If you give your consent we will send you information, advertising, surveys, invitations to events or promotions concerning products or services relating to the activity of Ladybird. At the moment of data being gathered you may as a Customer decide whether or not you wish to receive this type of mailing from us, and you may always withdraw your consent at any time.

If you agree to us sending you commercial mailings electronically (email, SMS, instant messaging or social networks among others), you must bear in mind that all mailings sent by Ladybird may be adapted and personalised according to your interests, either on the basis of the products and services you have ordered or for example any data we can deduce or obtain from your browsing habits, interest in particular content or reaction to our mailings, as explained in the section above “Preparation of Profiles”.

This personalisation is partially automated in the sense that Ladybird determines the parameters of the personalisation but it is the technological platform which generates the Customer profile. As a general rule we do not send general mailings not segmented by way of this process as we think it is in the interests of both Ladybird and our Customers to send and receive information which is relevant, and because not segmenting would not alter the number of mailings received, only their content. In this regard if you do not wish to be segmented for advertising purposes we would ask you not to subscribe to Ladybird mailings or the Newsletter.

The commercial mailings sent electronically referred to above may be sent by the following channels:

  • Mailings by email, SMS or MMS o direct messaging (whatsapp, telegram, Facebook Messenger, direct messages in forum or social network applications, etc):

    If we have the relevant information (email, mobile telephone number, etc.) we can send you commercial mailings by these means. As a general rule the channel of communication will be just email, wherever possible, although some messages may be sent by another of the means indicated (e.g. the sending of reminders, events or surveys).
  • Commercial mailings in third party platforms (e.g. social networks):

    Some third party platforms (i.e. websites, communities or applications, for example) allow other advertisers, such as Ladybird, to use the platforms to advertise directly to Ladybird customers who also have a user account in the platform.

    For this the platform may require the advertiser (Ladybird) to prove the identity of its Customers, providing basic identification data such as for example an email address or a telephone number in an encrypted form protected by way of tools provided by the platform itself.

    Once the identity of the Customer and the existence of a user account in the platform have been established Ladybird can create what is commonly known as a “personalised public” with those customers who have agreed to receive advertising in the platform, with Ladybird advertising appearing directly in the user profile.

    For example in social networks this type of activity can be found in Facebook (Custom Audience), Twitter (Personalised audiences) or Google (Customer Match).

    The purpose of this activity is essentially one of advertising and hence your data is only used if you have agreed to receive our mailings.

    These third party platforms may also allow advertisers such as Ladybird to use their tools to identify users who, within their platform, have a “similar profile” to Ladybird customers.

    The procedure for identifying and proving the identity of customers is the same as above.

    For example in social networks this type of activity can be found in Facebook (Lookalike Audience), Twitter (Personalised audiences) or in Google (Similar Audiences).

    In this case, as the data is not used directly for advertising to our Customers, being aimed at persons who are not customers but have a profile similar to our customers, we will use the basic data of all of our Customers (and not just those who have agreed to receive advertising) to identify potential customers in the platform. In this way the advertising will be sent only to those potential customers who have given their consent to the platform in question for the sending of advertising. This processing is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interest in expanding our customer base, but you may object to your data being processed for these purposes at any time.

    As stated above these services only ask for basic identification data, i.e. we do not supply all of your personal data, or any preferences we are aware of, we merely provide an email account or telephone number which is shared in encrypted form and protected by tools provided by the platforms themselves, sufficient for the social network to identify you in its database.

    Secure communication techniques are also used, including the encryption of data before uploading it, to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information.

    Finally we do not obtain data about you directly from these third party platforms, i.e. we may obtain anonymous and statistical information but never precise information on your interests or whether you have seen a particular advertisement, unless you interact with us or the particular advertisement.

    If you do not wish us to use your data for advertising purposes in third party platforms you may contact us at the email and postal addresses given below. If we are already using it in these platforms we will erase it in the following update of the data supplied.

You may withdraw your consent to the sending of electronic commercial mailings at any time simply by following the instructions given at the foot of all electronic mailings sent by Ladybird or by sending an email to the address and stating that you wish to withdraw your consent to the sending of electronic commercial mailings.



Your data will not be assigned, sold, hired out or in any other way made available to any third party, except for service providers of Ladybird who provide certain services for us (for example the sending of the newsletter, marketing or customer service suppliers, data and database storage or handling, transport or logistics suppliers, Forums or Social Networks in which we advertise, etc.)


In particular your data may be communicated or assigned to stores you are interested in using (e.g. attending events or booking an appointment), which may be operated by companies of the Pronovias Group in the case of own stores, or other companies (for example in the case of franchises or wholesalers managed by third parties). You will find the basic information on these third parties in the form. The third parties will only process your data to handle your enquiry, attendance at an event or appointment, although they may ask for your consent to additional processing.

In accordance with current regulations Ladybird will only send the personal data of Customers which is strictly necessary, and the third parties receiving the same may only process your personal data to process the purchase of the product or service in question unless we expressly inform you of any additional processing.

It is possible that in order to achieve some or all or the purposes referred to in this General Privacy Policy your data will be sent by Ladybird to other companies affiliated to the Pronovias Group (or other companies which provide services to the said group) for the purposes referred to in this General Privacy Policy or those indicated in a Privacy Policy contained in a form, and that in some cases the communication involves the transfer of your personal data to countries outside the European Union (e.g. United States). Given that the laws of countries outside the European Union to which your personal data may be transferred may not provide an adequate level of protection of your personal data, in such cases Ladybird in compliance with regulations introduce the appropriate technical and contractual safeguards in order to ensure that your personal information is processed in accordance with the standards of security and confidentiality laid down by law which may include:

  • Standard clauses approved by the EU: These are contracts approved by the European regulator and which provide sufficient guarantees that the processing complies with the requirements laid down in the European Data Protection Regulation.
  • Third party certificates: For example the Privacy Shield, a framework agreement between the EU and the United States which provides a standardised framework for data processing in accordance with the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation. 

Other than in the circumstances referred to above or any others which are legally valid, Ladybird will not disclose, assign, sell or hire out to third parties any personal information you supply to us by way of the Website, except where the disclosure is required by law, by court order or by the public authorities, and where we must communicate data logically indispensable for the supply of the service or where it is expressly requested and your express consent to communication to third parties is obtained in advance.



As a general rule we process the data for the time necessary for the maintenance of the appropriate commercial relation.

For example your Customer Account will be preserved for a period of 5 years from your last interaction in Ladybird, which includes use of our website, reading our electronic communications.

If you have subscribed to our commercial mailings your personal data will be preserved until you cancel the subscription or you expressly request that your data not be used in third party platforms (being eliminated from the same), or we decide or ascertain by any means available in the technology of the time that our mailings do not interest you, for example because you do not browse the website or you do not open our emails.

Ladybird will inform you of the preservation time of your data in the various forms in which personal data is requested, without prejudice to your data being preserved for a longer period duly anonymised for statistical or market research purposes, wherever possible or blocked to comply with legal obligations (for example the Consumer Protection Act and commercial or tax regulations may oblige us to preserve certain data for a specific period of time).



On sending your data to Ladybird by any medium (by email, telephone, instant messaging applications, Forums and Social Networks or by way of any of the data gathering channels available in the Website), you undertake to Ladybird that the data you are supplying corresponds to your true identity and that the said data is updated, truthful, accurate and complete at the time at which you supply it. You are solely responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the personal data you supply and hence you must inform Ladybird as quickly as possible of any change or alteration of any personal data you have provided us with. Remember also that personal data is the property of each person, and it is thus totally prohibited to supply to Ladybird any third party data or information without their prior consent (for example, if you give the address of a relative as the address for the delivery of an order you must tell them you are passing their data to Ladybird, and that they can access this Policy in our website).

As a Customer you will be solely liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss caused to Ladybird and/or third parties as a result of breach on your part of the obligation to provide truthful, accurate, complete and updated information corresponding to your true identity.


The Website contains the appropriate safeguards and uses technology based on the industry standards to improve the security, integrity, confidentiality, availability, exhaustiveness, accuracy and protection of the personal data it has compiled, and has taken reasonable precautions to protect this information from possible loss or misuse. The rules on data protection and security of Ladybird are reviewed on a regular basis and improved where necessary, with reasonable measures being adopted to ensure that only authorised persons are able to access the information you supply.

Despite this, although at Ladybird we make an effort and use all means at our disposal to ensure the security, confidentiality, availability, inviolability and integrity of your data, Ladybird is not able absolutely to guarantee technical security as a medium like the Internet is not impregnable and malicious actions on the part of third parties may occur which are beyond the control of Ladybird.



At Ladybird we make available to you all information on the cookies we use in the Website in our Cookies Policy



This General Privacy Policy may change over time as a result of the following circumstances among others: (i) changes in the Website; (ii) modifications to the data processing carried out by Ladybird; (iii) changes to the purposes for which Ladybird compiles your personal data, for example, as a result of changes in Ladybird either at corporate level or at operating or business level; (iv) statutory or case law developments, or (v) the laying down of new criteria by the Dutch Data Protection Agency.

For this reason Ladybird reserves the right unilaterally to alter this General Privacy Policy informing the User of such alteration clearly and sufficiently in advance. Ladybird recommends the User read carefully the General Privacy Policy in force at the time he or she accesses the Website or before registering, subscribing or purchasing any product. If any alteration of the General Privacy Policy significantly affects Users we will inform them sufficiently in advance of the application of the changes and, if necessary, ask for the appropriate consents.



For any doubt, enquiry or information concerning this General Privacy Policy or for sending us any suggestion or claim you can contact Ladybird by sending an email to or by way of telephone customer service.


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